Best Week Ever

This past week was quite possibly the best ever- I’d have blogged more but I was too busy enjoying it. The week started out like any other, really. Monday was just a monday. But then there was Tuesday.

Tuesday was election day. I’m not sure that I voted for any candidate who won or any ballot measure that passed. BUT that doesn’t make the voting and the volunteering any less wonderful. It’s about the process; America gets to save itself or damn itself every November and I, personally, love that about my country. I went and voted in the morning, volunteered in a GOTV phone bank in the afternoon, got my free Starbuck’s and free Ben & Jerry’s (Cherry Garcia in a sugar cone) that evening and then went to an election night party at my friends’ beautiful new house (Thanks Chris and Sora for having us all over!).

Wednesday was just another Wednesday save for the fact that the whole city seemed to be in a better mood thanks to the liberal leanings up here and the election results. I got some house work done and generally had a nice day. Wednesday I also bought THIS DRESS to wear to Abigail’s bachelorette party.

Thursday I got to go and see the premiere of Poppies at the gorgeous Historic Lincoln Theatre in Mount Vernon and enjoyed it immensely. Thursday was also my first chance to see the rough cut of “Third Degree”, and I can’t wait for everyone else to get to see it. Danara is one heck of a character and I hope that everyone else will love her the way I do. Thursday I also got a casting notice for an upcoming Ron White comedy special.

I got the job.

Best. Job. Ever.

That was my Friday morning: some very nice people paid me to hang out with Ron White and his buddy Alex for a few hours and laugh my proverbial butt off. Oh, and they fed me wine. And Ron jacked a sip of it from me. He was SO friendly and fun to work with, and he gave me a silly nickname which I will not repeat, but which was overheard by the VFX supervisor of STAR TREK: PHOENIX and therefore repeated on the set on Saturday.

Which leads me to Saturday. We shot the third vignette in the prequel series: “Holo-Victory” starring Ben Andrews as Captain Bryce Avari. I won’t spoil the plot of it, but suffice to say it was intense. We shot the vignette in the “play barn” at Gas Works Park and the shoot, although frought with the usual perils of location shooting (rain, the public, etc.) was great and I cannot wait to see the finished product.

Friday night, thanks to Ron and Alex, I got to go and watch the taping of the upcoming Ron White DVD (the one I had done the opening and closing scenes for the previous day). I took Leo Roberts with me, the Senior Executive Producer of STAR TREK: PHOENIX and a huge Ron White fan. Alex had told me that he wasn’t sure where our tickets would be, because they don’t save the front rows for house comps when they’re shooting for TV (makes sense). Well, we wound up in row 3 and had a great time. Everyone will want to watch this DVD when it comes out; it’s hilarious- AND I am the girl with Ron in the closing sequence so you will definitely be able to see me.

Sunday I was glad to be able to prepare my house for my upcoming house guests. We went to a nearby Linens-n-Things and got great new sheets and towels and blankets for the girls who will be staying with us… Janet and Rachel, if you’re reading this, you will be very comfy when you get here :). Then we made a pilgrimage to the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale to serch for shoes for the wedding and Bachelorette party. I found THESE in black and they will be perfect for both. We then came home and washed the foster cats and their things so that we could let them come upstairs and join the houehold (although still in a crate most of the time); so now we had 2 new kitties (mom and baby) added to our sitting room. And as though that was not enough for one week:

Last night I was watching an MSNBC documentary and trying to catch up on my NaNoWriMo word count when I heard the oddest sound: a really loud squeaking noise that I could not identify. I looked over at Bristol (foster mama cat) and thought maybe she had hurt herself and the noise had come from her. Not so. Turns out she was pregnant and we didn’t know it.

Before bed last night the number of kitties in our house doubled. We went from 4 of our own 1 foster mama and 1 foster baby to our 4, the foster mama, the foster 8 week old baby and 6 foster newborns. Yep- SIX of them.

This week will see a VFX meeting, two house guests, a film industry gala (good luck Ben and Rodrigo!), a bachelorette extravaganza, a tea party, a wedding rehearsal complete with italian dinner, and a wedding. Oh, and a birthday of undisclosed number. And I still have a novel to write.

Tara’s Birthday should be a National Holiday

Today is November 4th, the 1st Tuesday after the 1st Monday this November. What an important and momentous occasion. It’s Tara’s birthday!

Tara is my dear friend and politico soul mate whom I met volunteering on a Congressional campaign in 1994- yes I was 15. We were best of friends all through high school and she was the maid of honor in my wedding last year. Tara is an elementary school librarian in a high poverty area of a middle-size city and a hero and role model to underprivileged children where she works. For those reasons and Tara’s just-plain-awesomeness alone should make today a national holiday.

But there’s another reason that today should also be celebrated far and wide: IT’S ELECTION DAY! I love election day and I hate living in an all-mail-in county so that I can’t have one of those nifty “I voted” stickers. I missed the ’96 Presidential cycle by something like 8 days of not being 18 and I still get all excited to go and vote. Again, “fill out the thing at home and mail it in” leaves me nonplussed.

But today I will be able to help a candidate I support and have been too darned busy to do much for in last minute get out the vote efforts. And it starts right here at my blog. So to all of my family, friends, fans, and random strangers who have stumbled across my blog:

VOTE people! If you are a legal citizen of the US, are over 18 years of age, and have never been convicted of a felony go and VOTE. Cast your ballot for your guy or gal today before the polls close. Don’t think your candidate doesn’t have a chance, or that he or she will win with or without you. I know of a race that came down to 129 votes, and it was a BIG one. I’m not just talking McCain v. Obama, either. There are good Governors, Congresspeople, Senators, State Officers, Judges, and Sherriffs that need to stave off opponents, and there are bad Governors, Congresspeople, Senators, State Officers, Judges, and Sherriffs who need to be replaced. And that’s our job.

Whether your political leanings are red, blue, green, or some other wonderful color representing a “Third” Party, tell the world with your ballot.

Call it a present to Tara on her birthday. Happy birthday to the Smartest Girl in the World!!