When it Rains, it Pours, and I mean that in a good way.

So here I am, sitting in my room on an unfairly cold and rainy afternoon in May, thinking about these 20 tickets to JJ Abrams STAR TREK I need to give away before Sunday (REG deja-vu much?). And as I contemplate movie tickets on this cold day my heart is warmed by the thought of my first network television appearance as an adult. Which, incidentally, can be seen HERE in case you’re not friended to me on Facebook (why?) nor on the very long list of people I emailed that link to this morning.

And as though the glory of my brilliant performance on the local NBC affiliate wasn’t enough to keep my little publicity-hounding heart happy for a good long while (which, incidentally, it TOTALLY could have been) I got to see today the first glimpse of the film I love, the film I worked on, the film I am planning a pilgrimage to Los Angeles to see, Dear Lemon Lima. The trailer is adorable and gives a great overall feel for the tone of the finished film. And did I mention that it will premiere on June 20th at 5:00 PM at the Los Angeles Film Festival? Well, it will. And it will play again on the 23rd of June at the same venue. I will be at Chris and Sora’s wedding on the 20th, but folks in the audience on the 23rd should watch for me, because I’m doing everything I can to find the time and the money to go see it.

And about that trailer: I’m in it. Really. Are you excited? I am. Suddenly it’s not only the three plus minutes of local television, but also the first teaser for a brilliant feature film. LOVE IT! You can watch it through the director’s (Suzi Yoonessi is amazing, btw) Facebook page HERE.

I think you should watch the trailer. And I think you should see the film when it hits theatres. Hooray!

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