Almost to busy to blog


Usually when I’m not blogging it’s because there is nothing particularly interesting in my life at that point. But this week has been so busy that I WANTED desperately to blog about things and I was WAY too busy.

As an actor, this is GOOD. But as a blogger it poses difficulties. So here is, in a nutshell, my last 2 weeks. Readers Digest Version:

I booked a commercial. This is a good thing. It was a SAG job, meaning decent pay and a great treatment on set. And the people were awesome. The director was Patrick Daughters who may be best known for Feist’s 1234 video (which is AMAZING, btw). It was incredible to work with him and with the DP who also shot that brilliant video. He was a joy and made the work easy. Our choreographer was the fabulous Michael Rooney who may be best known for his work on the video It’s Oh So Quiet featuring Bjork. But the thing that thrills me to no end about Michael (besides the fact that he was super fun to work with) is that he cohreographed GO FOR IT BY HOT SUNDAE!!!!!!! Seriously! I got to work with the man who made Kelly, Jessie, and Lisa the pop idols of Bayside High in the episode “Jessie’s Song” of Saved By The Bell. That may be the coolest thing ever. And there are a lot of cool things.

Also, my cancelled vignette has become un-cancelled and can be viewed through or on YouTube or roght here:


After that the awesomest news is in the film premiere realm. Tomorrow night I will be in the Pacific Place cinema (my 1st venture into a non-Imax thestre to see a film since I left my previous career in cinema management/promotions/projection) to watch the premiere of The Whole Truth. The premiere is sold out and should be a great time; I will report back honestly on the quality of the film, but if shooting it was any indication, the finished product should be HILARIOUS! Director Colleen Patrick has already been approached by distributors, so hopefully all the world will be able to see the movie very very soon.

More info when available 🙂

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  1. Amanda, just happened to find your blog while searching for PSST. I love your vignette, it really makes me long for my fandom days, but after the police grab you for scalping tickets to the Jon Danz NW premier of ST2, well, I GAFIAd.
    Excellent work, I look forward to seeing the whole thing soon.

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