Television Killed the Internet Star?

Ok, so it’s a silly title, but whatever.

I am about to be on TV, and I think I like that.

Next Thursday, March 19th at 7:00 PM those of you in Seattle can see the King 5 Evening Magazine segment about our series and hopefully at least some of the interview they did with Ben Andrews and myself. Everyone not in the Seattle area will be able to see the segment on the King 5/Evening Magazine website beginning on Friday March 20th.

And one month later: April 19th at 9:00 PM ET/PT on Comedy Central Ron White’s new comedy special Behavioral Problems will debut on Comedy Central. That’s right, folks. That’s me on national television. Cool huh?

In TREK news, we have two more character vignettes in the pipeline and a rehearsal for both tomorrow will tell me more about just how awesome they are going to be. But I know that the actors involved are solid and that the scripts are solid as well. All should be great. And more scenes from the Pilot are slated to shoot the end of this month. All will be revealed at Norwescon.

In personal news, I had the amazing opportunity to see The Lion King here in Seattle with my friend Maurica in the role of Nala. If you have a chance to go see this tour: GO. It was great. I won’t spoil anything for you, but get there early because the opening number is worth the entire ticket price.

And this week I auditioned for a musical and a film and am currently driving myself mad wondering if the phone is going to ring. Call backs for said musical are Sunday and Monday and so there is still time for a call to come (please?) and the film should be cast by tomorrow night. So I’ll be squirming for only a couple more days.

More when there’s more news!