Tara’s Birthday should be a National Holiday

Today is November 4th, the 1st Tuesday after the 1st Monday this November. What an important and momentous occasion. It’s Tara’s birthday!

Tara is my dear friend and politico soul mate whom I met volunteering on a Congressional campaign in 1994- yes I was 15. We were best of friends all through high school and she was the maid of honor in my wedding last year. Tara is an elementary school librarian in a high poverty area of a middle-size city and a hero and role model to underprivileged children where she works. For those reasons and Tara’s just-plain-awesomeness alone should make today a national holiday.

But there’s another reason that today should also be celebrated far and wide: IT’S ELECTION DAY! I love election day and I hate living in an all-mail-in county so that I can’t have one of those nifty “I voted” stickers. I missed the ’96 Presidential cycle by something like 8 days of not being 18 and I still get all excited to go and vote. Again, “fill out the thing at home and mail it in” leaves me nonplussed.

But today I will be able to help a candidate I support and have been too darned busy to do much for in last minute get out the vote efforts. And it starts right here at my blog. So to all of my family, friends, fans, and random strangers who have stumbled across my blog:

VOTE people! If you are a legal citizen of the US, are over 18 years of age, and have never been convicted of a felony go and VOTE. Cast your ballot for your guy or gal today before the polls close. Don’t think your candidate doesn’t have a chance, or that he or she will win with or without you. I know of a race that came down to 129 votes, and it was a BIG one. I’m not just talking McCain v. Obama, either. There are good Governors, Congresspeople, Senators, State Officers, Judges, and Sherriffs that need to stave off opponents, and there are bad Governors, Congresspeople, Senators, State Officers, Judges, and Sherriffs who need to be replaced. And that’s our job.

Whether your political leanings are red, blue, green, or some other wonderful color representing a “Third” Party, tell the world with your ballot.

Call it a present to Tara on her birthday. Happy birthday to the Smartest Girl in the World!!

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