And now for a Quiz

What part of speech is “Geekly”?

You were thinking adverb, weren’t you? It’s ok, after all that “Lolly Lolly Lolly” business we were subjected to as children we always start with adverb when the word ends in ‘ly’. But that’s not the answer. In fact “geek” as a noun and “geeky” as an adjective are the only relevant entries at I would at least have thought there might be a “geekishly” or even a “geekily”, but alas no.

Anyway, that was a trick question. But if I were to give you an answer I could either tell you that “Geekly” (notice the capitalization- that’s a hint) is a proper noun which is an intentional pun on the word “weekly” that speaks of something relevant to the geek population OR I could tell you it’s all the parts of speech due to its content.

Seattle Geekly. It’s a podcast. It’s a podcast run by two very interesting people who give a great and amusing interview. And I should know. I was there for their 2009 Norwescon episode. And now you can listen!


The hosts interviewed “The Benz” (that would be both Ben Andrews who plays Captain Avari, and Ben Johnson who plays Commander Jaryn) and we can be found about 1/4 of the way through the Norwescon 32 recap episode of the uber-popular “Seattle Geekly” podcast.

It’s a fun few minutes of listening if you’ve got the few minutes.

And just looking into the future: all Trek fans in the Portland, OR area should put it on their calendars that the ST:P cast will be represented on May 6th at PGE Park in Portland as part of the Klingons vs. Federation Promotion . Anyone in the Portland area should look into joining us for a fun night of geekly-ness and great baseball.

More news coming soon. We’re on a roll.

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