Another Year… REALLY?

So remember when I used to blog regularly and then it was November and then it was the snowpocalypse and then it was Christmas and now it’s bloody January?!?!?!

The short version of what I hav been up to:
There is a post-NaNo group here in Seattle which I am trying very hard to find time to attend. There are some wonderful writers here and I can’t wait to show them all the TROPHY that NaNo HQ sent me in honor of our #1 fundraising (we wwew #1 in word count, too).

My mom came fo a visit and we had a BALL. It was nice to hang out with mom for a while and she bought me my Christmas present while she was here: A brand new SOFA! I love my living room now and will be having a party any minute to celebrate my lovely new furniture.

My friends Iuli and Mihai have a daughter. WOW.

STAR TREK: PHOENIX shoots beginning January 24th and we are still waiting to figure out where. Nothing like waiting ’til the last minute- although it’s not US who are the hold up. There is a lot of red tape in using someone else’s studio space and we’re waiting on our deal to come through or not. More on that as the story develops. The whole cast will be together this weekend to read the final shooting script and I can’t wait to see my fellow cast members all together again.

I auditioned last week for a new musical based on the story “Catch Me If You Can” which is being written by the folks behind “Hairspray”. The music is a lot of fun and I hope to get that job- but the casting is out of New York, so I’m not holding my breath.

My friend Maurica is coming to town with < a href="">The Lion King very soon and I am SO excited to get to see her.

And if you think I am behind on blogging: I still have CHRISTMAS/ HANUKKAH presents which I rescued from under the tree so the kitties can’t mess with them but have yet to be mailed. So if you’re my best friends in FL, or a member of my family, and you’re wondering if I forgot you at Christmas: I didn’t. Really there was no parcel service due to the TWO FEET of snow we had and I have now, of course, fallen behind on getting chores done. Did I mention that the dryer was broken for more than a week? Yeah. Lots to get caught up on 🙂

And that’s pretty much it. Not so interesting, but things are getting rolling again- apparently there’s a little bit of an entertainment industry lull in December. Peace on Earth and good will to all y’all.

You’ve Probably Already Friended Me

But in case you missed it, today I took the cyber-plunge and joined Facebook. I joined at the request of the other Producers who have set up a community for cast, crew, and fans of STAR TREK: PHOENIX. Ok, so I knew Facebook was popular. But what I didn’t know was that everyone I’ve ever met had a profile already. Five minutes after I registered I had a dozen friend requests from people I see in real life and talk to via email regularly.

Turns out I was the last person in America to sign up for Facebook (actually, that’s not true. Ben A hasn’t set his up yet- I was the NEXT to last person in America). So if you haven’t friended me, I’m there for the friend-ing.

In other news, NaNoWriMo is still down. Oh well. October is for bugs, right?

Awesome Photos and Lots of Forums

Amazing news from the PHOENIX. Our photos are in! You can see all of our beautiful, shining faces HERE. Aren’t we cute! Most of you know how rotten I think most photos of me are. Turns out all I need is an amazing photgrapher, very particular lighting, and little airbrushing and I look good. Who knew?

And in other news, the ST: PHOENIX forums are searching for moderators. So if you’re a computer-type and you’ve got the kind of internet access that would let you become the cyber-police for the Federation, give us a shout out at [email protected] and let the webmaster know that you’re interested. That includes you Mom and Suzy; I would love to have my mother and/or stepmother be the ones telling folks to mind their cyber-manners. You too, Tara- you could go all librarian on them. 🙂

And in other forum news: the NaNoWriMo forums are up and running early this year. Happy 10th anniversary NaNoWriMo! Get to your regional forums and check out the work that the tireless staff at NaNo HQ has already done to re-launch the site. ML’s are all scrambly trying to be ready a week early, but we’re #1 here and we were all on top of it.

All for now. The Universe is all askew at the moment, as I have the flu. Back to my bottle of NyQuil….

Wrimos Rule!

So today I sent out another email to the region’s wrimos and then I went to check the traffic on the forums. I have monitored the NaNo forum all summer and I must say that I was not surprised that there was nothing going on.

But today I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the area’s Script Frenzy Municipal Liaison and a few others are already planning September and October meetings to prep for this year’s noveling. There’s a reason this is the top region in the world.

Bring it on, Maryland. We’re ready; and it’s only September.

NaNoWriMo News

I have great news for the Seattle NaNoWriMo contingent! I have just sent an email to the region and want to post it here as well. Leo, our wonderful and talented Executive Producer on Phoenix, as agreed to awarding two walk-on roles in the second episode (to be shot in December) to Seattle’s two top-performing wrimos.

The Seattle novelist who ends November 2008 with the highest wordcount as well as the Seattle novelist who raises the highest dollar total for the Office of Letters and Light will each be invited to the set of Star Trek: Phoenix to have a tour, meet the cast and crew, and then actually participate in the making of the episode as a walk-on character.

Huge thanks to Leo Roberts and everyone over at Star Trek: Phoenix for this excellent opportunity!