All that Blogging I haven’t been doing

So it was November. Strange things happen in November; like my birthday and NaNoWriMo and (this year only) Abigail getting married. So then there are things that don’t happen in November, and blogging always seems like on of those. Oops.

Oh well, so here’s the Reader’s Digest Version of what’s been up:

You know about the kittens: we still have 5 of them and they are 3 weeks old today and learnig to walk. One of them gets a bottle so she’ll grow faster and they are all adorable.

STAR TREK: PHOENIX has been a busy bunch of folks and we will be meeting with our studio partner again next week, this time with the Board, so that we can iron out all of the interesting details of our future shooting.

I wrote most of a book. This one is silly sci-fi and in accordance with the Facebook “Page 56” experiment: “I understand the concept of ‘top secret’ and ‘classified’ but there is somewhere a line should be drawn about letting certain people join the ‘need-to-know’ community when it could save the lives of an entire crew and perhaps even the success of an entire attempt at diplomacy.
Maybe I’ll finish it someday- but if previous NaNos are the rule then I probably won’t.

My computer broke. But I am getting a new part soon and then it’ll be all peachy again.

I was called back for Show Boat at Village Theatre and I went to that audition last night. Hopefully I will hear back one way or the other soon. I hate not knowing more than I hate not getting a job.

Katy’s movie opened and was #1 at the box office. GO KATY!!

My vignette wasn’t released on schedule, but that’s not a problem, as I am more interested in it being good than it being done on time. If Harry Potter can stand a post-production delay, then so can I.

Tomorrow my mom is coming for a visit and that’s going to be AWESOME. And I think I’m getting a new sofa.

Saturday is the NaNoWriMo Regional TGIO party at 3:00 PM at Seattle Center Ice Rink and I am thrilled to be preparing to party with other wrimos. This is fun. And before that, I’ll get to go back into the studio to work on “No Other Medicine”, which will be the fourth vignette in the pre-quel series leading up to the pilot of STAR TREK: PHOENIX. In the mean time, HERE is a BTS piece for your entertainment.

All for now. I have squeaking kitties and need to make lunch 🙂