My first Magazine Cover

Today the new issue of Trekkie Central Magazine, which is the top Trek fan magazine out of the United Kingdom, was released. It’s a cool, well-written e-zine which chronicles TREK fan series all over the world. And this month’s all new issue featured our production. And there I am on the cover. 🙂
You can see it HERE

We had a great photo shoot last weekend and I’m looking forward to seeing the pictures once brilliant Rodrigo is through working his magic and making them perfect. I so look forward to seeing what my awesome costars look like in the pictures.

THIRD DEGREE should be out soon. It has been entered into the Seattle International Film Festival as a short, so oodles of folks might be seeing it very soon.

Looking forward to Norwescon 32 in April. Our entire principal cast will be there to chat up the fans and soak in the sci-fi goodness. We will also preview the series and a little bit of our BTS footage on Thursday night April 9th at 11:00 PM as part of the convention and we will even be giving those in attendance a first look at our beautiful shiny new starship. It is FIERCE. We’ve even got some stalker-ific secret pictures online HERE. What you can’t see in those lousy photos are blueprints of some interior spaces- one of which is part of Engineering. Very cool.

Once the publicity photos are up for view, I will post the links. Until then, check out the new and improved website at STPHOENIX.COM.

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