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First, for those of you who missed it: CLICK HERE TO WATCH Brian Sipe’s segment on Evening Magazine last night. It was great to watch Brian’s work on TV and very cool to see more of the process that makes Roy’s forehead and ears all amazing for STAR TREK. John Curley mentioned our series at the end of the segment and called us an “ambitious film”. Technically we’re an Uber ambitious SERIES, but that’ll do. I watched it on the treadmill at the gym because my ZUMBA class got out just in time for the beginning of the show. I know I was acting like an idiot and smiling and squealing every time I saw Roy or Brian, but I don’t care so much. I think the people at my gym ought to know that they have a ST:P cast member in their midst :). And incindentally, I am loving Zumba and tempted to attend instructor training. Seriously.

The next installment of Evening Magazine that features ST:P is set to air on March 19th (also a Thursday) and it may feature the interview with Ben Andrews and myself as well as the four early vignettes starring me, Ben A, James Lyle, and Rodrigo DeMederios. There will [almost surely] be a new trailer debut that night on EM that shows the principal cast in a whole new way; think BSG….

Two more vignettes are in pre-production and are slated to shoot in March. These two will feature Roy Stanton as Ambassador Tevon and Aaron Key as Lt. Austin Hunt. Both are powerful and further raising the bar of what our series is out to achieve. I can only hope that we can keep up this level of intensity and the quality of the writing as we move into full length episodes.

And for a piece of “Third Degree”, which should be out VERY VERY SOON (hours, maybe… days?) you can watch THIS

Lots of work left to do, but we’re happy to be doing it. Full speed ahead!

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