Awesome Photos and Lots of Forums

Amazing news from the PHOENIX. Our photos are in! You can see all of our beautiful, shining faces HERE. Aren’t we cute! Most of you know how rotten I think most photos of me are. Turns out all I need is an amazing photgrapher, very particular lighting, and little airbrushing and I look good. Who knew?

And in other news, the ST: PHOENIX forums are searching for moderators. So if you’re a computer-type and you’ve got the kind of internet access that would let you become the cyber-police for the Federation, give us a shout out at [email protected] and let the webmaster know that you’re interested. That includes you Mom and Suzy; I would love to have my mother and/or stepmother be the ones telling folks to mind their cyber-manners. You too, Tara- you could go all librarian on them. 🙂

And in other forum news: the NaNoWriMo forums are up and running early this year. Happy 10th anniversary NaNoWriMo! Get to your regional forums and check out the work that the tireless staff at NaNo HQ has already done to re-launch the site. ML’s are all scrambly trying to be ready a week early, but we’re #1 here and we were all on top of it.

All for now. The Universe is all askew at the moment, as I have the flu. Back to my bottle of NyQuil….

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  1. Hey, I checked out the posts on the Phase II board. Looks like an awesome project and the photos look great. Though I might be biased since you look incredibly hot in that uniform. Love the blog too! Keep it up and I look forward to seeing more!


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