Bad Wrapping

So today I wrapped my contribution to Dear Lemon Lima and I must say I’m sad that it’s done. It was so great to get to know the cast and crew and to watch as the film was being produced.

This morning I was summoned personally to the set by an order from the 1st AD (the incredible Keith) when he asked the extras casting director to send him “the teacher with the long hair who we all love”. Once I got to set he asked me my name and after that the whole experience jumped from great to spectacular. The world is a sunnier place when the guy in charge knows your name. Not only was I give free reign and a seperate cue (of my own and of my own volition), but after that shot was done and they had moved on to a different angle on the shot, I was invited to stay on set and listen to the dialog and watch the produciton.

It was excellent.

I hope that they change the call sheet and need me at least one more day.

But if not, THANKS to every one of you who made the shoot so amazing! Beth, Meaghan, Savanah, Dylan, Sara aka Mara Marsh, Redmond Elite Cheerleaders (you know who you are), Keith, Tyler, and especially Denise for the chance to do this- THANK YOU- you’re wonderful!!!

Now my eyes must turn to the rest of the week to come. “Jenny’s House of Joy” opens in less than a week and tech rehearsals begin tomorrow. Costume fittings for Phoenix are a week from today, the first cast photo shoot is two weeks after that. The next week we record the September podcast. And two weeks after that we shoot. During all of that time “Jenny’s” will be running Fridays and Saturdays.

Hopefully I’ll be too busy to miss the shoot too much.

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  1. Your best fan (ignoring your mom and Tara) is sitting right next to you, and you still tell the masses first?

    Geez, I’ve been supplanted!

    All I know is I haven’t seen you in almost two weeks. Sorry, but I’m glad THIS show is done. Perhaps I’ll get to see you a bit before the next show kicks in. =]

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