Dear Lemon Lima, My Starship Rocks!

Today was revealed the first draft 3D model of the USS Phoenix. She is an Ascension Class Starship 830 meters long containing 20 decks and housing a crew compliment of approximately 1300. Her designation is NCX-101138. My Starship is really pretty.


In other news, I got the chance to spend one more day on the set of Dear Lemon Lima yesterday and it was again a wonderful experience. If I ever wondered about wanting to be in the movie business, being on that set for several days cemented that desire. Those were amazing people to work with, and I got to end my last shooting day on a bleacher beside the principal young actors. I had the most chance yesterday to hang out with Meaghan Martin and I cannot say enough good things about her. She is professional and friendly in addition to being super talented. She was even willing to make time in her work day to meet and greet the teen and pre-teen extras who were only really there to get a glimpse of her. I also got to spend some time talking with Shayne Topp, which I hadn’t really before. He is a really insightful, very well put together, and very talented yong man.

And 1st AD Keith, who has been so super nice to me and let me really get a taste of what goes into movie making, is planning to come and see my show.

What a seamless segue…. Jenny’s House of Joy opens tomorrow night at the Edge of the World theatre in Edmonds. It’s an enjoyable comedy performed by a great cast and definitely worth the trip. Performances are 8:PM on Friday nights and 4:PM & 8:PM on Saturdays and runs throughout the month of September.

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  1. Hey Mandrina. I’m glad that you had such a great time on set. We were shooting all weekend and finally wrapped up our shooting at 1:30am on Sunday night (Monday morning?). Long days. I wish you the best for your play. I leave for PDX tomorrow morning, but might be back in Seattle as early as next week. I’ll let you know and come to your play. Take care until then.

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