I love pants!

For those of you following the saga that is ST: Phoenix, you may or may not know the trousers situation. Our wardrobe department asked us to find our own breeches to go with our uniform blouses because there was no way in this galaxy or any other that the limited staff could complete tunics AND trousers by the photo shoot on the 14th. Pants are notoriously difficult to make and require a LOT of fitting to make them look good.

So we need to find our own pants to match a fabric swatch and then the wardrobe department may tailor them if need be. As PR rep for the production, I fugured I should look early so that I can share any thrilling finding with the rest of the cast. Well, I found the perfect pants today, and I found them at Target of all places.

And I tried them on in a 4, thinking that with all the dieting I might be a size smaller. Lo and behold- they were TOO BIG! I had to buy them in a 2!! A 2!!!!! Very exciting.

And it gives me an extra boost of self confidence as I go to audition for The Comet Chronicles tonight. Yay pants!

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