The Producers

Yesterday I was very excitd to have been invited to attend a meeting with the Executive Producer and Co-Executive Producer of ST:PHOENIX and the Executive Director of Puget Sound Access the studio in which we are planning to shoot. The meeting was very successful and we look forward to a long and happy relationship with our friendly neighborhood Public Access Television provider.

I am also thrilled to announce that two PHOENIX cast members who have been actively involved in the creative process have been recruited to the crew side as Producers; and one of them was me! The other new Producer is the multi-talented Ben Andrews who plays Captain Bryce Avari. The two of us met with Leo and Jön last night to prepare for a production meeting this Saturday during which all manner of great news is going to be announced.

Sunday is our first photo shoot and will be another chance for the cast to meet and greet one another. It wil be so amazing to see the bridge crew all decked out in our Starfleet Regalia for the first time. I love my bright red uniform and can’t wait to get my communicator badge. And my size 2 uniform pants look great with my pretty European low-heel leather boots.

Photos from Sunday’s shoot will be posted as soon as they’re released, and trailers and mini-sodes are coming soon to the internet.

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