Starship Woes and Writing Parties

Hey there! It’s been a while and I bet that there are several of you out there thinking that I’m slacking again. Truth is I’m just busy.

Being a producer on STAR TREK: PHOENIX has been a ride already, but I’m loving that I have a say in the creative direction of the show. Wednesday night we sat up until late (in a coffee shop- THANK YOU SEATTLE) and hammered out some final design decisions as well as some detail in the overall story arc that has us planned through the end of season 2 and yet still open to a few individual episode submissions from our writing staff and the world at large. I’m thrilled to announce that one episode in season 1 and 2 in season 2 are to be penned by yours truly. As a person who wrote their first book at age 6 I must admit that I am more than a little thrilled at the prospect of writing a teleplay that is going to get shot. WOW.

I should mention, since I failed to, that the September Podcast is now online and available for your listening entertainment. And believe me, it is entertaining. The four of us producer-types met along with our volunteer coordinator, and had a few adult beverages before recording. Ben’s answers to the prepared questions were great, but then he was all miffed at mine, because they were very polished. What can I say? I was raised by an attorney and great orator, came up through Junior Miss and Miss America, and majored in Public Relations. Of course I sound like a politician.

The “woes” I speak of in the title refer to some growing pains that the series is undergiong. If any of you reading this in California or Florida are great 3D modelers and would like to contribute, we could probably use your help. Needing some new VFX people isn’t such a huge hurdle, it just makes us nervous.

Our first day of shooting will be on October 25th and it will be for two prequel mini-sodes that should be available mid-November for download online. One of them is the reveal of the moment my character finds out she’s being sent to the Phoenix. Should be a day of great fun. Speaking of great fun, there’s a cast and crew social tomorrow night- so I’ll have some pics of us in our civvies to post next week. And the October podcast is recording on the 10th, so that should be available by mid-month. We’re hoping to feature our staff photographer as well as our wacky group of producers.

Photos of the cast are being finalized as we speak (just saw a preview of two- and WOW) so there should be links up any day.

Keep eyes tuned to ST PHOENIX online to watch the updates appear.

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